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  1. About NineFingers.trade?
  2. Listings
  3. User Reputation, Reporting Scams, etc
  4. Feedback



FAQ: About NineFingers:

  • What is this all about?

    • After lurking on the Atlas Discord channels for trade, it occured to me that there is A Better Way(tm) to facilitate buyers and sellers of things in Atlas without needing people to re-post thier advertisements every couple hours. Thus the idea was born. One long weekend later, the open-beta of NineFingers.trade was born!


  • Who Runs this?

    • Right now, just me, and out of my own pocket. If this takes off, I'll definately be looking for more help to keep everything moderated. Stay tuned!


  • I would like to help!

    • The best way to help right now is to spread the word! In the future we'll likely need more moderators, but for right now I'm going to keep it small.


  • Can I use real money?

    • No real currency may be used for transaction brokered through this service. Only In-Game goods, currency, and services are permissible to be used and exchanged here.  


  • I see you support the Offical Servers only - can my Private server be added?

    • Perhaps - If your private server has sufficient population, I'd love to add it. Get ahold of us via Discord or the Contact Us link with details!


FAQ: Listings

  • What do the Price-type means?

    • Gold Coin - A simple price, in gold
    • Equal Exchange - This is for 1-to-1 exchange of goods. For Example: You want to exchange your native Fiber for someone else's native Fiber, 1 for 1.
    • Gold per Grid-Ton: Primarly used for 3rd Party transit services, this is the carriage fee to carry 1ton (1000 unit weight) per 1 grid/server/zone. For example: If you're carrying 2000-weight of metal from G6 to G10, that would be 8 grid-tons. 
    • Trade-Negotiable: The price is Negotiable, and may be paid with a variety of goods or services, as agreed upon by both parties.


  • Delivery Options

    • None/Pickup Only: The listing agent will not travel - you will need to goto them for this transaction. Alteratively, there are also a number of 3rd Party shipping players you can engage. 
    • Same Tile: The listing agent is willing to travel inside the same grid/tile.
    • Nearby Tiles / Same Region: The listing agent is willing to travel a few tiles for this transaction. You should verify with the other party that you reside within that area. 
    • Any Region: The listing party will operate or deliver anywhere in the world space.


  • Listing Expiration

    • Listings expire by default - although the expiration varies by category:
      • Long Term Contracts and general-billboard categories (Shipping Services, etc): 30 days
      • Most/Average specific listings: 15 days
      • Treasure Maps and Tame Lost & Found: 5 days


  • Watch Lists / Wish Lists / Saving Searches / Alerts:

    • They should be implemented and working at this time. Most can be managed via Your Account options as well


  • How do I remove a listing?

    • Listings will expire out over time, but if you sold out your stock on a listing, you can remove the listing via Your Account options.


  • Is there any way to get Premium-type listings?

    • Not at this time, but that feature may come in the future depending on demand.



FAQ: User Reputation, Reporting Scams, etc

  •  User ratings

    • There is a simple-5-star rating system in place per-user. When you deal with someone else, you shoudl take the time to rate your overall transaction. This will ultimately help new users know if a certain buyer or seller is reputable. 


FAQ: Feedback

  • You can provide any feedback, and report scammers/abusers, etc  via our Discord.



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Did you know, you can set your Atlas Company Name, Manage your listings, and much more in Your Account settings?